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Standard Festoon Lights

  • Easy to install with connectable lengths

  • Event quality, IP rated outdoor and indoor, residential and commercial

  • Weatherproof, durable cable lighting system with connectable lengths

  • Length: 10 metres

  • String colour: Black

  • Low voltage 24v

  • Globes: Replaceable plastic LED bulbs in 45mm, 60mm or 80mm

  • Range of globe colours available

Product description

Our easy-to-install, connectable Festoon Lighting system has been made to a high, event quality standard. They are a perfect balance of style, safety and flexibility.

The light strings have weatherproof connectable ends, are IP rated for both indoor and outdoor use (so helpful with our unpredictable NZ weather) and are low voltage DC for safety. 


The (black) rubber flex cable has been designed to be extremely durable, will not break down under UV and is perfect for permanent fixings or situations where they are being installed and pulled down frequently. 


Light strings can be extended through connectable keyed ends and 2, 3 or 4 tailed connectors can be purchased so you can connect in different configurations such as an X type design. 


Given the system is 24V it does require a power supply and we can determine what size you would need dependant on how many strings you require.


We have a variety of 45mm festoon globes (bulbs) available, from pure white, warm white, vintage (clear) (1.5 watt, also available in 60mm & 80mm) to coloured (red, blue, green, yellow and purple) (1 watt). These replaceable globes are plastic LED so they are very safe and robust (no need to worry about glass breaking) and at very conservative estimate have a life of around 15,000-25,000 hours.  

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